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Service Providers

Next Generation Network Design and Implementations

As a telecommunications service company and IBM partner, we focus on helping our customers solve complex technology problems and produce results that improve the bottom line.

Our primary focus is on rural carriers (wireline, wireless, ISP and cable) data systems and infrastructure. We help our clients implement core access networks, hosted networks, virtual private networks, and wireless data networks including 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. We can help with MMS, SMS and Voicemail solutions as well as next-gen technologies such as WiMax, UMA, UMTS and LTE

As a member of the Rural Telecommunications Group Association (RTG) we make an effort to understand the challenges that carriers face on a daily basis.

Our strategic technology services include:

  • Needs Assessment and Planning
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Data Loss Prevention and Protection
  • Planning and deployment "Soup to nuts"
  • RFI/RFP specification development
  • 2G to 3G to R4 systems evaluation and evolution strategy
  • Evaluation and implementation of SMS, MMS and Voicemail vendor solutions.
  • Evaluate, plan, design and implement next-generation telecommunications data services; UMTS, HSDPA, UMA, FMC and IMS
  • Evaluate service expansion and cost-reduction opportunities
  • Assist in the on-going optimization and management of our customer's data networks

We specialize in getting data services from the carrier to the subscriber using any media available:

  • Wireline Services
    • FTTP (Fiber To The Premise)
    • xDSL
    • IPTV
  • Wireless Services
    • WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider)
      • Point to Point
      • Point to Multipoint
    • WiMax
  • Cellular Services
    • UMTS
    • WCDMA
    • 1xRTT
    • EvDO
    • IHSPA
    • LTE


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Service Providers

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