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Coyote Solutions Group can leverage our IBM resources and wide range of experience in technology to keep your systems and network up to speed, reducing your time and increasing your bottom line rather than simply costing you money and exhausting your resources. Our services include:

  • Next Generation Network Architecture Services
  • Legacy Network Support and migration plans
  • 99.999% (five 9's) High Availability Deployments
  • Wireless network design, installation, and configuration
  • Firewall and VPN Solutions
  • Remote Network administration
  • VoIP design, implementation and support
  • IPv6 Migration

Network and Performance Audits

Network Audit

Essential for maintaining or expanding any network is the documentation. A fundamental part of that documentation is a comprehensive presentation of Layers 1, 2 and 3 data. This information is the starting point for any optimization, troubleshooting or expansion plans. Ongoing network maintenance costs are significantly reduced by having this information available. Information is also easily accessed and presented in an understandable format. Once created, these documents should be the repository for all network changes.

In the event that these documents do not exist, a Network Audit must be performed to create them.

Network Audit Performance

A thorough network audit must be carefully planned and executed. Our team of auditors will guide you through all the necessary steps.

Coyote Solutions require five days onsite for discovery, documenting physical network devices, and other information gathering. Once the digging and gathering of data has commenced, we move to the presentation stages:

  • Compilation & Layout for Layer 1 - Layer 1 describes the physical network devices and connections. Data is compiled and Layer 1 documentation and drawing is created.
  • Compilation & Layout for Layer 2 - Layer 2 describes the abstract switching layout imposed on the network devices. Data is compiled and Layer 2 documentation and drawing is created.
  • Compilation & Layout for Layer 3 - Layer 3 describes the routing information of the network. The synopsis includes both design recommendations and errors discovered such as loops, bad dynamic routing and most other routing errors.

Performance Audit

The performance audit is the next step after the network audit is performed. A performance audit is geared to highlight critical network areas that can be optimized for greater utilization, with reduced bandwidth.

The performance audit analyzes:

  • Traffic utilization: By analyzing network traffic flow, we are better able to determine whether the network is busy, normal, or idle. Network bandwidth is determined by comparing the actual usage to the maximum capacity. Traffic analysis is essential to properly diagnose and fix network trouble spots.
  • KPI implementation and monitoring: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to gage how all components of the network are operating. Core network areas such as the devices, links, and services must be monitored closely to ensure efficiency.
  • Bandwidth optimization
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement): SLAs are important to maintain the bandwidth capacity at a level that was originally agreed upon.
    • QOS / QOE Resolution: Metrics are delivered and studied to improve network QoS (quality of service) and QoE (quality of experience).


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