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Data Centers

Coyote Solutions Group is your turnkey solutions partner for constructing, reconfiguring, and hosting highly secure, redundant data centers by leveraging ground-breaking IBM technology and consulting resources. Data Center support leads to:

  • Consolidation of applications
  • Centralization of data
  • Reducing footprint of underlying Legacy hardware
  • High availability and access
  • Improved data security and recovery

Data Center Construction

As a premier IBM data center services partner, we can leverage ground-breaking IBM technology and consulting resources to help you plan, design, and construct a brand new data center or revamp your existing one.

IBM's three-pronged data center services entail

  • Planning - IBM builds a five-year growth model for your system based on your company's business plan, your current and future data-processing needs and likely technological evolution. You will receive a full evaluation report that includes electrical, mechanical and space requirements, along with equipment layout drawings, cost estimates and a proposed construction schedule. The optimal pre-design solution as described in this report gives you step-by-step directions for proceeding.
  • Design - IBM helps to ensure that all evaluation report topics, such as power, cooling, fire protection and other relevant topics, are addressed and resolved in the final design. If you have an architect, IBM can work with them to help ensure that unique data-center requirements, such as underfloor airflow for ventilation, are met.
  • Construction - IBM can act as your project manager through all phases of construction. You get a turnkey solution no matter how complex the job - and it's guaranteed. Planning and design are available as separate packages, or you can use IBM for the entire project.

Data Center Hosting

Whether you need to host virtual servers, offsite backup files, or reduce your overall carbon footprint, our IBM data center hosting services will enable you to accomplish your goals.



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