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For businesses looking to migrate to new IT systems, the project delivery process can be more complicated than it needs to be. Proper planning and execution are the keys to successful delivery. However, there can be significant project roadblocks, such as:

  • Team Collaboration - Making sure that project teams working from different locations are in harmonious communication.
  • Process Knowledge - We take the time to understand your current business systems and processes and the steps required before deployment.
  • Customer Involvement - The customer will stay engaged during all development stages to ensure that the systems are aligned properly.

Aligned with Cisco's PPDIOO methodology, Coyote Solutions Group has the formula to clear all project delivery roadblocks.
Endorsed by Stanford Advanced Project Management Program, the PPDIOO model places emphasis on:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Optimize


IP and Broadband Services

Data Centers

Full Lifecycle Technology Planning

Service Providers

Managed & Monitoring Services

Unified Communications Solutions